Hello! @dubweather is an (unobtrusive?) twitter bot built by @phollo to serve you 1 daily weather forecast update (~6am) + 6 daily weather condition updates (~8am, ~11am, ~2pm, ~5pm, ~8pm, ~11pm) for Dublin, Ireland. Thanks to @voss for the lovely profile picture.


Some examples

isitraining.in/Dublin, isitraining.in/San-Francisco, isitraining.in/Porto, isitraining.in/New-York, isitraining.in/Mumbai, isitraining.in/Sydney, isitraining.in/Florence, isitraining.in/London, isitraining.in/Timbuktu, isitraining.in/Copenhagen, isitraining.in/Helsinki, isitraining.in/Tokyo, isitraining.in/Punta-Cana, isitraining.in/Mexico-City, isitraining.in/Seoul, isitraining.in/Sao-Paulo, isitraining.in/Jakarta, isitraining.in/Kyoto, isitraining.in/Cairo, isitraining.in/Calcutta, isitraining.in/Shanghai, isitraining.in/Manila, isitraining.in/Buenos-Aires, isitraining.in/Moscow, isitraining.in/Los-Angeles, isitraining.in/Brisbane, isitraining.in/Punta-Cana, and more! more..

You can refine search results by adding the name of a State / Country after the name of the city, e.g.: http://isitraining.in/Cadiz-Spain or http://isitraining.in/Las-Vegas-New-Mexico.


Inspired by @voss isitrainingindubl.in, @phollo is glad to present you isitraining.in, which serves for nothing but saying whether or not it's raining in a given city at this very moment (it also shows the current weather conditions).

I'm getting the current weather forecast from Yahoo Weather using Yahoo! Query Language with PHP; the results are then cached for half hour after the first request - yay!